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Quentin Miller Accuses Big Sean Of Attempting To Deny Him Songwriting Credits

Quentin Miller. During a VLADTV conversation, the “Arkham Asylum” rapper dishes on an array of different topics.

Quentin hone in on, Big Sean. It all begins when Vlad brings up other artists that Miller has worked with in the past, mentioning G-Eazy, Sean and Ty Dolla $ign. However, upon hearing the “Blessings” rapper’s name, he decides to open up about their experiences together. “Yeah I worked with Big Sean. Big Sean, man, that really broke my heart,” he begins.

He goes on to detail meeting him for the first time in the studio with Drake for the recording of the aforementioned “Blessings.” “When I get to working with Sean on this last project, the What You Expect [EP] with Hit-Boy, I’m part of three songs. There’s only six songs on there. Man, we texting and talking everyday. I’m pullin’ up on Sean’s crib, like, every other day,” he continues afterwards.

Miller says he had a full-circle moment when he noticed that there was a plaque for “Blessings” up in the Detroit native’s house. “Maybe, like, a week before the album drops, he’s just not responding to me at all. Then, like a week before, I’m in the studio with Hit-Boy, I just randomly hear in a conversation with Hit, ‘yeah, the album drops next week.’ I’m like, ‘wait, what?’ I didn’t even know,” says the “Potential” rapper.

When the EP did drop, his name wasn’t initially in the credits for the first three months. “I didn’t know we was doin’ the ghostwriter thing, ’cause if that was the case, I would’ve asked for some cash,” says Miller. Allegedly, Sean and his team were attempting to explain that they had to get all of the paperwork done firstly. However, everybody else who was involved in the project, had their respective names in the credits.

Elsewhere in the lengthy sit down, Miller details writing “R.I.C.O.” and sending it to DJ Drama. He says he wasn’t aware that Meek and Drake were using the reference track to release it on their own.

Of course, Meek Mill publicly called out Drake for using Miller as his ghostwriter during their notorious beef in 2015.

What do you think about Quentin Miller’s accusations? Comment your thoughts!


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